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Project tender detail

The Australian Volunteers Program matches a broad range of skilled Australians with partner organisations overseas, to support these organisations to achieve their own development goals. The Australian Volunteers Program is a DFAT funded program, managed by AVI in a consortium with DT Global and Alinea International.

The Australian Volunteers Program aims to conduct research into the value of volunteering in a sample of countries. The aim of this research is to explore, through a series of country case studies conducted over multiple years, how key stakeholders perceive and understand the value of volunteering within their country: the benefits volunteering brings, its impact (positive and negative), and its contribution, if any, to supporting locally led change for equitable social development.

The program is seeking to contract a research team to support this work. The first phase and initial contract under this RFQ covers the design of a research approach. The program will tender, and contract, for only the first phase initially, but with the expectation that the contract with the selected research partner will be extended, based on satisfactory completion of phase one, to also cover the second phase.

Details of how to apply:

The Request for Quotation and the Terms of Reference can be downloaded on Tenders.net via this link: https://tenders.net/tender?id=1337355. These are attached here as well.

Closing date: 10 February 2023

Download Terms of Reference 

Project tender detail

Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) are inviting proposals to conduct an evaluation to measure the impact the shEqual project has had in promoting gender equality in advertising. Launched in 2020, shEqual (an initiative of WHV) is the first coordinated effort in Australia to promote gender equality and address the drivers of violence against women in the advertising setting. ShEqual works in partnership with the advertising industry to promote gender equality and address the drivers of violence against women.

In addition to the evaluation, WHV also seek to create a business case to inform continued investment of the program. The business case will be informed by the evaluation but may require additional data collection and analysis.

Proposals should outline:
1. Proposed evaluation methodology and data collection methods
2. A budget and hourly rate for additional work
3. Anything out of scope
4. Overview of your organisational capability and capacity to deliver on the brief and align to WHV values and mission.

We will consider proposals from consultants who can deliver on:
a) The evaluation component only
b) The evaluation component and the development of the business case.

All clarifying questions should be made by 5pm Thursday 19 January. Proposal must be received by 5pm Thursday 2 February 2023. Proposals will be assessed by the evaluation panel. Final approval will be made by the WHV CEO.

Details of how to apply:

Email your proposal to lauren.zappa@whv.org.au by 5pm, Thursday 2 February 2023. **Please note the change of date**

Contact for further information:
Lauren Zappa, Manager Gender Equity and Capacity Building P: 0401 201 709 E: lauren.zappa@whv.org.au

Closing date: Thursday 2 February 2023 **Please note the change of date**

Download Terms of Reference 

Project tender detail

EWB Australia is looking to recruit a skilled evaluation consultant to perform an evaluation of EWB’s Engineering Program, including 12 country–level projects for the period June 2020 to December 2022.

The purpose of the evaluation is to:
- Assess the effectiveness of EWB engineering program in achieving intended short and medium–term outcomes;
- Determine likelihood that long–term outcomes and impact will be achieved;
- Review EWB’s approach and strategies to achieve outcomes & impact.

This evaluation will provide EWB with an independent assessment about the performance and impact of the Engineering Program through the achievements of the funded country–projects. Key findings, lessons learnt, and recommendations will help influence the design and operations of the Program. The primary audience of the evaluation is EWB Australia’s Engineering team and the EWB Country teams. The secondary evaluation audience includes EWB Australia more broadly and the DFAT ANCP team.

The evaluator will explore the Program through the evaluation criteria of effectiveness and impact. Recommendations should focus on how the Program can be improved to better achieve impact. The Consultant(s) will report directly to the International Program Manager located in Dili, Timor-Leste.

The consultancy will be conducted over a period of two months between February 2023 and March 2023.

Details of how to apply:

Full details including How to Apply are available in the following Terms of Reference

Contact for further information:
For more information please contact engineering@ewb.org.au

Closing date: 6 February 2023 **Please note the new date**

Download Terms of Reference