The AES Awards for Excellence in Evaluation aim to recognise and share excellence in evaluation theory, practice and use by:

– motivating people to come into and stay in the field of evaluation
– promoting the use of evaluation for positive impact and social good, for example supporting positive outcomes for Indigenous communities
– promoting advances in the field of evaluation.

The six AES Awards for Excellence in Evaluation are each focused on specific areas of the evaluation field such as the development of evaluation systems, enhancing the social good and evaluation publications.

The annual Awards recognise leading evaluators, leading evaluations, evaluation best practice and emerging evaluators.

The AES views evaluations as a partnership between the commissioner, the evaluator and the participants of the project. The Awards recognise the role of all the partners to an evaluation project, not just the evaluators.

The AES encourages all Award recipients to play an active role in promoting excellence in evaluation. Award recipients will be asked to consider ways in which their knowledge and experience may be shared with others and may be asked to contribute to articles and other promotions about the Award.

The Awards are the specific responsibility of the Awards and Recognition Working Group.

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